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VAULT (VAULT) Coin Packs

Available packs


0.03 BTC

Starter Pack

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0.058 BTC

Double Up

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0.14 BTC

Halfway There

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0.27 BTC


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VAULT Packages description

  • Starter Pack

    Start off your VAULT masternode investment with 100 coins, or add to your existing holding.

  • Double Up

    Our most popular investment pack which can be used for project listings and payment of VAULT services.

  • Halfway There

    With the first reward earned on this pack, you will be already over 50% on the way to your VAULT masternode.

  • VAULT Club

    Join the VAULT Club instantly and enjoy the benefits of holding a VAULT masternode. VAULT has one of the best-managed supplies on the market, bringing more stability to your passive investment.

All packs purchased can be used for payment of VAULT services. Contact with your requirements. FREE hosting on all VAULT coins.

* Coin packs with CRYO symbol are frozen in CRYO upon receiving. Please consult the CRYO terms and timeline of the project prior to obtaining a CRYO coin pack.
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