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Terms & Conditions - VAULT.Investments platform

Version 2.1.0, valid as of March 9th, 2021

Listing and Delisting of Projects

VAULT.Investments is a service provider that provides an ecosystem and its tools to project owners and users. VAULT.Investments are not responsible for projects or users using their services and can not be held accountable for any actions or wrongdoings related to listed projects. Users should always follow DYOR (Do Your Own Research) principle when decicing to invest in a given project.

Listing of Projects

  1. Either VAULT.Investments or a coin issuer can start the listing process. If a coin issuer wants its asset to be listed on our platform, they may apply to the VAULT.Investments team.
  2. While making a decision, we will consider various aspects of the listing request, including technical aspects, to ensure suitability for our VAULT Platform.
  3. After an agreement has been reached, the project’s wallet will be made ready to accept the required collateral and any additional agreed funds. Once all requirements have been filled, the VAULT dev team will begin the integration of the project.

Delisting or Downgrading of Projects

VAULT.Investment reserves the right to delist a project or coin from the platform in the following cases:

  1. If the project team is dismissed, the project is no longer maintained or the coin requests a delisting.
  2. If the project faces legal issues.
  3. If there is a severe dishonesty in information disclosure or if it is necessary to prevent and/or stop fraud, manipulation, security breaches or other unlawful actions and hacking attacks.
  4. If the project team refuses to cover the costs for additional work provided by VAULT.Investments. This work might include wallet updates, changes of the blockchain, etc.
  5. If payment(s) are overdue and there is no intention to settle.
  6. If any other terms and conditions that exist on the VAULT.Investments platform are violated.
  7. If a project drops in value with no signs of recovery which make it unsustainable to host as a masternode, it can be downgraded to PoS (Proof of Stake) only. This can also be upgraded if recovery occurs later.
Where a project provides the collateral for the instant node, unless otherwise agreed the following rules will apply:
  1. In the event of VAULT.Investments delisting a project the instant node collateral can be claimed back during 14 days after delisting.
  2. When a project delists/withdraws official support for VAULT.Investments, the instant node collateral will become the property of VAULT.Investments who may consider to continue offering services to its users without the official support of the project.

User Accounts

Access to Service:

  • By accepting the Terms and Conditions the User confirms that they are at least 18 years of age and that use of the coin swap service is not prohibited in their country of residence. Users also confirm that they do not plan to perform any illegal activity through the use of this coin swap service.
  • Users shall ensure any registration details and account access are kept confidential and are fully liable for all activity on their account including security breaches and unauthorized access.
  • Users will notify VAULT.investments immediately of any unauthorized use of the account.

Suspension of Access:

  • In the event that VAULT.investments suspects illegal activity on an account or suspects that a User’s account was breached or a User violated any of the Terms of Use, the account in question will be temporarily suspended. The User should contact the VAULT.investments to restore access.
  • A User's account shall be suspended without the right to regain access to the account if the User is found to obstruct and impede the operation of any services provided, including the coin swap service.

Third Party Relations:

  • By accepting these Terms and Conditions, Users warrant that they are the rightful owners of the account and are entitled to use all money and cryptocurrency in the account used.
  • Users trading with third party funds bear sole responsibility to the third party. VAULT.investments is impartial and shall not be liable to any third party for the funds. In the event of any dispute, VAULT.investments shall not be a responsible party.
  • VAULT.investments shall not provide any transaction information to any third parties, unless forced to do so by authorities.
  • VAULT.investments shall not accept any third party requests or claims to suspend any accounts, unless forced to do so by authorities.

Instant Swap

In order to protect us and you as a customer, we have included a checkbox for you to accept our terms and conditions before ANY coin swap can be performed.


  • All coin swaps are final once completed.
  • No cash or any kind of refund is given once the coin swap is completed.
  • All coin swaps are non-returnable and non-refundable once completed.
  • All coin swaps cannot be cancelled once it is being processed. No refunds and/or cancellation will be given.
  • VAULT.investments will not be responsible for any incorrectly entered coin swap amounts or coin currency while being processed or once completed.
  • By offering coin swaps on the platform, VAULT.investments does not and never will endorse the listed projects in any way.


  • The coin swap service is provided on an "as is" basis. VAULT.investment shall make every effort to ensure the smooth running of the coin swap service. However it does not guarantee that there will be no technical issues which could lead to a complete or partial suspension of the coin swap service.
  • VAULT.investments shall not be liable to Users for any damages incurred by the Users even where VAULT.investments has been aware of such damages in advance.
  • VAULT.investments shall not be liable to Users for any data leaked to any third parties about the Users’ activities in the event of a security breach.
  • VAULT.investments shall not be liable for any issues arising from the interruption or loss of connectivity, including interruptions to the global internet network or from any force-majeure event.


Prime is a premium membership subscription payable in VAULT coins to permit free hosting of user assets. The subscription charged is non-refundable in whole or part form.

Free hosting

  • Some projects may be subject to a set limit with the use of Prime (in terms of allowed maximum masternodes hosted for free per user account). Contact us for details using "Help" -> "Contact us" form before purchasing your subscription.